We have to verify your account within 15 days

iGaming is a highly regulated business. Legislation requires us to carry out due diligence checks on the identity of the ultimate beneficial owner – namely the natural/real person who, either directly or indirectly, exercises control over such clients, of any structure – on all contracting parties or individuals, and/or any company that we have entered or wishes to enter into an arrangement with. Therefore, we are obliged to ask you, and/or your company to present to the BetClic Group due diligence documentation (which may also include financial documentation) to a reasonable satisfaction.

Data protection: Please note that Betclic commits to comply with all applicable laws and regulation related to data protection and privacy (including recent GDPR). As per our activity, we handle a lot of personal data, considered as very sensitive, so please be assured that we maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures for protection of the security, confidentiality and integrity of all data, including the one you will send us in context of the due diligence.
Our personnel and employees have received appropriate training on their responsibilities and have executed written confidentiality agreements. Shall you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our DPO at this address: privacy.team@betclicgroup.com.

In the event that either such documentation is not presented within the stipulated time of the request being made, or that the documentation is not to the satisfaction of BetClic Group, we may ask you to provide us with further information. Furthermore, while we are carrying out due diligence checks investigations we may need to suspend services/agreement until all conditions have been completely satisfied.

Company Documentation

Note: If you are a Company we need the following documentation:

1. Certificate of Incorporation; and
2. Current / latest Memorandum and Articles of Association: OR,
3. Copy of a Certificate of Good Standing or any equivalent document – dated not older than six (6) months – showing at least: – The Company’s full name and registration number; – The Company’s incorporation or registration date; – The Company’s registered address and/or principal place of business; AND:
4. Group organizational chart – showing the UBO, signed by the Director or Company Secretary. OR
5. Current / latest Shareholders register, showing the UBO (must be a natural person or a publically listed company), signed by the Director or Company Secretary.
6. Current / latest Directors register signed by the Director or Company Secretary. * In the event that a Director is a Corporate Entity, please provide the documentation listed under “Company’s Documentation”.

Individual’s / UBO’s Documentation

Note: If you are an Individual we need the following documentation:

7. Copy of a valid and current National ID or passport; and
8. Copy of a utility bill showing the name and personal address; Must be either a bank statement, and/or a credit card statement, and/or a utility bill, (not a mobile phone bill) showing the permanent residential address – dated not older than three (3) months.

Additional notes in terms of the required documentation and certifications:

Documents n. 7 to n. 8 above are to be provided for individuals owning or holding a controlling interest in the shares of the company.

All documents must be provided in English language, where possible;

All documents must be forwarded to us as scanned copies by e-mail for our review and feedback;

BetClic Group reserves the right to require additional documentation and information as well as to periodically request updated versions of documents.

Send your documents to documents@betclicgroup.com